AA Advanced

AA Advanced

This course covers introduction to RPA, Automation Anywhere enterprise client, features and commands and Taskbots.


  • Introduction to Business Process
  • Introduction to RPA
  • Benefits of RPA Players in RPA Space (UiPath, BP, AA, etc.)

Introduction to Automation Anywhere(AA)

  • Brief intro to AA
  • System requirements
  • AA Architecture
  • Installation of AA Enterprise client 11x
  • Quick intro to control room features

Control Room Overview

  • Dashboard
  • Activity
  • Bots
  • Devices Workload
  • Audit log
  • Administration


  • Screen Recorder
  • Web Recorder
  • Smart Recorder

Meta Bots

  • Introduction to Metabot


  • Introduction to workbench
  • Features of workbench
  • Commands
  • Add/Delete/Modify variables
  • Variable operation
  • Read/write data to files and folders
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Delay & wait
  • Window actions
  • Object Cloning
  • Email automation
  • Excel automation
  • PDF automation
  • Text and CSV automation
  • OCR
  • String manipulation Comments and message box
  • Error handling
  • Log to fil


  • Project Submission
  • ACE Emerge certification
  • Preparation for AA Advanced Certification
  • Professional Resume guidance
  • Mock interviews if required
  • Placement guidance if required

Training Completion

  • A training completion certificate will be provided by ACE Emerge

Training Duration

  • 30 hours

About the trainer

We see our instructors as mentors and learning catalysts whose supervision and guidance empowers students to achieve expertise in advanced information technology. These talented resources, with proven track records, work in tandem with our advisors to provide an inspiring and enduring learning experience that translates into career success.

Our trainer for this specific module leads Product Development & Delivery at AceEmerge worldwide. She is responsible for strategic decisions relating to the formulation and executing strategy. Her team is responsible for executing end to end projects. She also leads the Learning and Development Team and plays an integral role in up-skilling professionals. Prior to AceEmerge, she worked with WIPRO for almost a decade and has hands-on experience in emerging technologies. She is an RPA certified professional from Automation Anywhere.

Her strength is her in-depth technical knowledge and the art of disentangling it into a simplified format. Sapna has gained talent & knowledge, is well-read & well informed. She is detail-oriented and result oriented and works towards building a team that can deliver.