DevOps Development and Operations is basically a fusion of Software Development activities like business application designing, coding, UI designing, etc, and Operational activities like Quality Testing, Networking requirements, and Database administration.
DevOps primarily focuses on a collection of tools and methodologies which help integrate the various activities in the application development life cycle. It tries to bring about a harmonious union of various activities associated with application development, helping teams and IT companies to keep up with the constant changes in managing software development and deployment.

DevOps is not a software programming language but a collection of tools helping the project manager and delivery managers to define and manage software project deliveries. Basic understanding of various project management tools will be a good starting point

Program Objective
This course covers all the topics which are essential for a beginner. This course will make you understand the terms and concepts backed up with examples and hands on project work and presentation.

Target Audience
IT Analysts
Business Analysts
QA/QE Specialists
Project Managers
IT/Business Manager
A general understanding of software development is required with some experience in the IT industry.

Program Duration
32 hours

Program Methodology
End-to-end overview of all the basic concepts
Backed up examples
Organized and in a very user friendly style understandable by a layman
Ten Unique things about this course
Customize to your needs
Level of Teaching according to your understanding
Flexible hours and schedule according to your availability
No Missing Classes and Course
Carefree Environment
Professional Job References in IT and Business Areas
Hands on Real Life Examples – Practical Projects
Professional Grooming & Job Interview Preparation
Peace of Mind and Mental Satisfaction
Course Outline
Basic Introduction
Brief history of application development
Build and release management
Version Control system
Configuration management
Evolution of Development Operations
Change in Delivery model
Impact of modern SDLC
Continuous Development
Continuous Integration
Continuous Deployment
Continuous Testing
Shift Left
Benefits of DevOps
Challenges of DevOps
Continuous Integration
Continuous Deployment
Continuous Testing
Case Study
Lab and mini project
Conventional Vs Modern Infrastructure
History of Infrastructure
On-Prem Infrastructure
Challenges and Limitations
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaC)
Platform as a Service (Paas)
Software as a Service (Saas)
Case Study
Lab and mini project
Industry Standard DevOps
CI/CD Pipeline
Coding Standards and policies
Static Code Analysis
Report and Dashboard
Case Study
Lab and mini project
Summary and Revision
Final Project and Evaluation