Mastering the test Management/Test Strategy

About the course

This course is appropriate for experienced testers tasked with developing testing strategy for their organization and who want to promote their testing career to next level in “Test Management” ladder i.e. Test Managers, Test Leads etc.

You will learn how to achieve a consensus on important test strategy issues such as resource allocation, risk prioritization, automation, and more.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn proven test planning methods and techniques
  • Learn how to create a Test Plan /Test Strategy
  • Discuss the issues that affect the test strategy
  • Discover a practical risk analysis technique to prioritize your tests
  • Discuss methods for measuring the test effectiveness of your organization
  • Learn how to create a Test Summary Report to effectively communicate recommendations to stakeholders based on the knowledge gained during the test phase of the project
  • Explain the concept of Test Organization
  • Identify the factors to be considered for a Test Plan
  • Describe the process of Test Progress Monitoring
  • List the different Types of Risk in Testing

Course Duration

24 hours

Mode of delivery /Method of Instruction



Every candidate receives a certificate of completion from AceEmerge Innovations Inc.

Target Audience

  • Any person who has worked in software testing for at least 2 years
  • People who wish to promote themselves to a management or leadership role in testing
  • Development managers and development leads who wish to move to a test management or lead position

Prerequisite knowledge & Skills

This is an entry-level course/program, Basic computer knowledge is all that is required, but it would be a great asset although not compulsory. that learners have the following:

  • High school diploma
  • A background in the field of IT, or any other related experience

Learning Outcomes

  • Help individuals develop their test management skills through formal education
  • Establish a common skill set for software test managers and test leads based on a well-defined Test Management Body of Knowledge
  • Create a pool of qualified software test managers
  • Provide professional recognition and career enhancement for those who manage test projects

About the trainer

We see our instructors as mentors and learning catalysts whose supervision and guidance empowers students to achieve expertise in advanced information technology. These talented resources, with proven track records, work in tandem with our advisors to provide an inspiring and enduring learning experience that translates into career success.

Our trainer for this specific module is a leader in QA Industry with 20 + years of exclusive testing and QA experience delivering multiple program for various clientele inc but not limited to BFSI, Health, Retail, Mobile, Automation. He helps his students focus on their career by sharing his vast QA knowledge which he has accumulated over the span of his illustrious career . It motivates him as he sees himself as an agent of change in his students’ life. He wants to inspire all of his students to be ambitious and make a difference in their life and career. He seeks to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and makes students feel valued.

“Grow by learning something new every day.” When he is not working he enjoys to spend time with his wife and 2 kids (1 is human kind and other is cute Beagle kind).

Course Outline

Section 1 What is Test Management

  • Role of Test  Lead  and Test Manager
  • Challenges with Test Management
  • Phase of Test Management

Section 2 Test Planning 

  • Test Planning
  • Test Plan vs Test Strategy
  • Test Organization

Section 3 Test Execution

  • Test Execution Guidelines

Section 4 Testing Risk Management

  • Identify different Testing risks
  • Analyse Testing risks
  • Risk Mitigation

Section 5 Test Estimation

  • What to Estimate
  • How and Methods of estimation
  • Validate the estimation
  • Test estimation best practices

Section 6 Test Organization

  • What is Test organization/team
  • How to build a team
  • Manage Team

Section 7 – Test Monitoring

  • What to monitor
  • How to Monitor
  • Analyse and Update
  • Create Report
  • Best Practise in Test monitoring

Section 8 Defect Management

  • What is Defect
  • Defect Management  Process
  • Defect Metrics

Section 9 Test Strategy  ( the document )

  • What is Test Strategy
  • How to prepare Test strategy
  • Scope
  • Approach
  • Tools
  • Environment
  • Release Control
  • Risk Analysis
  • Reviews and approvals

Section 10 Test Plan ( the document )

  • What is Test plan
  • Scope
  • Objectives
  • Resources
  • Architecture
  • Risk, Assumption, Dependencies

Section 10 Test Plan (the document)

  • Testing Types
  • Entry , Exit Criteria
  • Suspension and resumption Criteria
  • Environment
  • Schedule
  • Deliverables
  • Roles and Responsibility

Section 11 – Intro to Advanced Testing

  • Database
  • Datawarehouse
  • Automation
  • Testing in Agile
  • Mobile Testing

Section12 – Introduction to Domain Knowledge

  • What is Domain Knowledge
  • Key Domains in testing industry
  • Why Domain knowledge is important in testing

Section 13-Live Project

  • Hands On implementation on Testing Mgmt
  • Mock Exam
  • Resume Preparation & Interview Support