RPA fundamentals with Blue Prism

About the course
Robotic Process Automation is an emerging technology that is designed to automate high-volume, repeatable tasks that take up a large percentage of a workers’ time.

The goal of this course is to provide you with a clear overview of what RPA is, how it works and when to apply it, and at the same time give you hands-on technology experience by helping you build a robot that automates a simple business process in the Blue Prism RPA software.

In this course, you will also learn the concepts of Blue Prism RPA tool like the Process and object studio along with different stages and how to create your first BOT in the Blue prism.

Prerequisite skills and knowledge
This is an entry-level course/Program. No prior knowledge in this field is mandatory to go about this course but it would be great if the learners have the following:

Degree in computer science or equivalent degree
Good understanding of the Business Process
Basic programming knowledge for better understanding
Course Duration
12 hours

Target Audience
This course is for anyone who wants to understand Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and concepts of Blue Prism RPA Tool.

If you are already an IT professional and want to upgrade your career to become an RPA Developer, then this course can take you one step closer to your next dream job.

Learning Objectives
This course covers in-depth knowledge about Robotic Process Automation
A detailed study of RPA lifecycle and benefits
Comparison between 3 leading RPA tools
RPA Real-life case study implementation & Analysis
Course Content designed based on the latest Blue Prism Tool Version 6.2.0.
Practical Hands-on experience with the Blue Prism
Practice questions after each session
Every candidate will receive a course completion certificate from AceEmerge Innovations Inc.

Mode of delivery
Classroom /Instructor-led

About the trainer
We see our instructors as mentors and learning catalysts whose supervision and guidance empowers students to achieve expertise in advanced information technology. These talented resources, with proven track records, work in tandem with our advisors to provide an inspiring and enduring learning experience that translates into career success.

Our trainer for this specific module is has years of automation experience in telecom industry. She has deep knowledge in RPA and is passionate about automating daily mundane tasks. She is a certified Blue Prism Developer (AD01) with hands on experience on the tool.

Course Outline
Section 1: Introduction
What is Automation?
Introduction to Robotic Process Automation
Pre-requisites for RPA
Section 2: Understanding RPA
What is RPA?
Benefits of RPA
Industries benefitted from RPA
RPA demo
RPA real-life Implementations-Case studies\
RPA Lifecycle
Who is an RPA Developer?
Different Tools for RPA
Comparison of three leading tools (BP, AA, Ui)

Section 3: Introduction to Blue Prism
Introduction to Process Studio
Different stages in Process Studio
Basics of Excel Operation with BP

Section 4: Working with Object Studios
Introduction to Object studio
Spying the windows
Debugging Basics
Exception Handling
Calling VBO in Process studio

Section 5: Introduction to Advanced features
Different Data types
Code StageRun Modes
Match Index and Match Reverse